Sometimes, when I'm looking at the 'flat' circular designs of iOS 7, I find myself longing for an iPad magazine about iOS games that jibes with the stylishly smooth icons.

Which is good, because issue 9 of swipe does just that. Oh, and it's available now. It's like all my wishes came true. Well, one of them. But that's enough for me.

The new issue of swipe is chock-full of spectacularly well-written content direct from the pages of Pocket Gamer.

And it's all presented with a flair for design that would make Jony Ive raise his eyebrows appreciatively.

Swipe to play

Issue 9 of swipe supports iPads running iOS 6.0 and higher. And it's optimised for shiny new iPads running shiny new iOS 7. It's a digital magazine at the cutting edge of the mobile OS race.

Best of all, however, it's free. Freeeee.

If you're not going to head straight to the App Store and download issue 9 of swipe after all that, then there's probably something wrong with you.