Are you bored of throwing squawking avians at legless, tumbling pigs yet?

If you answered 'no', then we've got some good news for you. That's because Rovio has updated the original Angry Birds with some new content. If you answered 'yes', by the way, go and have a biscuit or something.

In this new update to the world-famous chicken chucker, the Finnish firm adds 15 new "classic" levels to the game. Although quite how anything can be considered 'classic' after only four years on the market is beyond me.

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Still, you can expect to be flinging birds at pigs, smashing up scenery, and generally having a lovely time at the expense of some digital creatures.

With this latest update, Rovio also enables you to use new power-ups, including manual targeting with the Red Bird.

Because, well, sometimes it's just too difficult to throw a bird in the right direction without some sort of help.

The update for Angry Birds is live on the App Store and the Google Play Store right now. Now YOU can go and get a biscuit, too.

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