Within the first 15 minutes of Leviathan: Last Day of the Decade's first episode, you are bullied by some kids, you have summoned your own vargouille called Edna, and you've annoyed your repressed mother.

It's a very unique adventure game, to say the least. The world itself is bizarre enough, consisting of a strange mix of Victorian dark fantasy and futuristic cyberpunk.

The Plague King rules the economically unequal land. He quite literally plagues the citizens with something called the Decade, killing many of them in the process.

The game is said to contain mature themes, but this isn't meant to imply it's a sexually explicit visual novel (as is often the case). Leviathan's "mature" rating refers to the discussions of politics, repressive societies, queer identity, and relationships at the heart of the experience.

The game also looks great. It's better in motion, too. The animations bring the characters to life in a grotesque fashion, while the motion comic techniques and great sound design enhance the 'look and feel' of the events as they happen.

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Since the team behind Leviathan isn't made up of native English speakers, you can expect a couple of minor spelling errors in the game.

Leviathan's first four episodes (of five) are already available to buy and download on PC. The first episode is free, and you can grab that from the game's website now.

YOU will decide the ending, by the way, through the decisions you make across all of the episodes.

An iOS version of Leviathan: Last Day of the Decade is on the way soon. We'll keep you posted about that. Naturally.