Graphic adventure titles like Broken Sword: Director's Cut and Gemini Rue are usually packed to the rafters with a wide variety of puzzles.

That's what makes The Color Gray, an upcoming indie adventure title for iOS and Android, pretty unique.

The Color Gray, you see, will not feature lots of puzzles. In fact, it won't feature any puzzles whatsoever.

Instead, The Color Gray will be stuffed full of "morally gray choices", which "greatly affect" the game's entire storyline and the characters you meet as you play.

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Unfortunately, specific gameplay details are pretty scarce at the moment. And the game's official trailer (view that for yourself just above this paragraph) gives little away.

All we know is that you'll play as a character called Sam, and work your way through a storyline that's filled with deceit and manipulation.

The Color Gray will hit the App Store and Google Play sometime next month. We'll try to glean more info from December Studios before then.