If you reside somewhere in Europe, you've got a decent number of new downloadable PS Vita games to look forward to this week.

If you're based in the US, however, things aren't looking so hot. Sorry about that.

Oh, but if you're a PS Plus subscriber, head on over to the PS Store now. Any PS Store. Every PS Store. There's something nice waiting for you. Promise!

Without further ado...

Full-price releases

The HD Adventures of Rotating Octopus Character is a remake of the 2011 PSP game that we called "a wonderfully formed title filled to the brim with colour and character".

You'll want to pick this one up. Given its £2.39 price tag, there really is no reason not to.

Quell Memento is a lovely little puzzler involving your sliding blocks around to complete each level. Just like in The Legend of Zelda's ice block levels.

How do I know it's lovely? Well, Mark said so in his review. And he's never wrong. NEVER WRONG. £2.99 for this one.

American Vita owners can download a music / rhythm app called Imaginstruments. This lets you mix beats and melodies together for free. Groovy.

And, well, that's it on the new games front.

There are a few live sales that partially make up for this, mind. Ragnarok Odyssey, for instance, is now $29.99 (down from $39.99), while the rather average Germinator is now $9.99.

There's some new DLC available, too, in the form of Black Rite: Berserker and The Headless Knight and the Starved Citizenry Pact for Soul Sacrifice. Both packs are free, so you might as well go bag them.

PlayStation Plus games and offers

There's nothing new for European PS Plus subcribers this week, I'm afraid.

Blazblue: Continuum Shift Extended is now free to download for PS Plus subscribers in the US, however. Which is rather exciting.

And Germinator is just $5.99 if you're up for it. Although I'm not entirely sure it's worth that price.

PlayStation Mobile releases

PlayStation Mobile time! Let's see if there's anything worth picking at in this section this week.

Even though Slice Ninja sounds like it might be a Fruit Ninja knock-off, it's actually a physics-based puzzle game about slicing blocks. £2.39 for that.

Math Running is an educational game in which young children learn how to do things with numbers. Dirty things? Nope, of course not. It costs £3.39.

MapCache Offline Maps is basically Google Maps for offline users. £1.59 for the privilege.

King Bean is the new game from Thomas Hopper, PS Mobile developer extraordinaire. In this 99p platformer, you push and pull blocks to forge a path through each level.

In Blue Skies, meanwhile, you are the commander of a helicopter, and must complete Desert Strike-style missions. It has a price tag of £2.39.

And Ascent of Kings is all about overcoming platforming perils to claim your position as king of the land. That is a mere 79p.

And, yet again, there aren't any new PSP or PSone releases. Drats. And zoinks.

Back again next week.