Zombie lore tells us that the shambling undead are dull-witted and prone to repeating the patterns of existence they shuffled through in life. In the Dead Ahead universe, those patterns appear to involve hanging around aimlessly on roads.

Which is lucky for you because vehicular zombie slaughter is one of the aims of the game. The other, inevitably, is survival. Throw them together with some gorgeous pixel-art graphics and you're left with an endless-rider cum undead blaster that's well worth incorporating into your own pattern of existence for a while.

Scooter kill

You play as the survivor of some unspecified zombie apocalypse who has to race down a dead-straight road killing the undead and avoiding the obstacles that litter your path. To aid you in your travails you have a gun and a motorbike.

To begin with you're sat astride a wimpy scooter packing little more than a pea shooter, but playing the game gets you coins that you can use to buy new weapons and vehicles.

The controls are simple to get to grips with. You've got 'shoot' and 'boost' buttons in the bottom-left corner of the screen, and tapping on the side-scrolling road will make you head in that direction. Acceleration is handled automatically.

You'll need to weave through cars, leap over ramps, and take down enormous bosses if you want to survive for long enough to trouble the leaderboards. Some zombies stand still and wait to be squished, while others chase you with gusto.

With some clever driving you can use the abandoned cars that litter the roads to your advantage, swerving past them at the last second and letting the horde of zombies that are following you crash into them.

Dead riding

There's a twitchy element to the gameplay - especially when you're boosting through the levels as fast as your bike can go - but you need to learn to conserve ammo too, and grab the weapon boosts and nitro injections that you sometimes come across.

Some might find the occasional adverts that pop up after a drive a little annoying, but Dead Ahead is still an entertaining arcade blaster that looks gorgeous and plays elegantly.