You're not going to want to read / hear this, but, well, there's absolutely nothing new at all on PSN for your PS Vita this week.

This state of affairs is in huge contrast to last week's bulging sack of wonderment.

I mean, there are some sales here and there this week, and there's an 'interesting' new PS Mobile game available.

But it's mainly a bit pap. Very pap, in fact.

Let's get this over and done with, then, eh...

Full-price releases

None. Zero. Nothing. Zilch. Emptiness. Hollow. Without content.

There ain't a single new downloadable PS Vita game this week in either the European or US PSN store. Ouch.

Some price drops make up for the lack of new software action, but not by much. Games in the Ben 10 series are now £14.99, while Earth Defense Force 2017 Portable is £23.99.

Elsewhere, Shinobido 2: Revenge of Zen will now set you back £14.99, while Touch My Katamari is now £14.99. Nothing that worthwhile, then.

Because there isn't any fresh PS Plus content, either, let's move straight on and hope the PS Mobile section can save us.

PlayStation Mobile releases

Don't hold onto that hope too tightly - you'll come away rather disappointed.

There's one new PS Mobile title this week, and I'll wager you won't be purchasing it. It's called K-POP ni koi shite. And as its name might suggest, it isn't very good.

"It is the love adventure game for women which made the South Korean Seoul the stage," the description reads. "The school trip which can enjoy love and a travel will be passed."

So, yeah, there are some screenshots of pointy-chinned men with slick hair. Oh, and one guy who appears to be missing an eye. Oh, and the text is in Japanese. Oh, and it costs £2.39.

Let's move on, shall we...

PSP and PSone Classics

A number of PSP games have had their prices slashed this week, although none of them is new, I'm afraid.

Ape Escape On the Loose, for example, is now $7.99 (down from $9.99), while Buzz! Master Quiz is now $5.99.

There's actually a fair amount of decent stuff on sale, including Daxter, Everyday Shooter, Killzone, and MotorStorm.

You'll find the full list of price drops on the PSN store.

Well, that was a rather terrible week. See you again in seven days.