Manuganu is the latest colourful auto-runner to, ahem, jog onto Android.

This particular entry in the increasingly populated platform-runner genre stars Manuganu, a young tribal boy who is striking out on a long and perilous journey.

It's your job to help this plucky youngster jump chasms, avoid swinging logs, dodge spikes, and generally stay out of harm's way.

Unlike a lot of auto-runners, Manuganu - which was developed by Alper Sarikaya - actually includes a 'stop' command.

This ability to slam on the brakes proves essential when you're trying to steer our hero through 30 levels packed with swinging-log slaloms and gauntlets of fireballs.

If you can stomach the loading screen adverts (it's a strictly free-to-play affair) and the slightly irritating music, Manuganu is a perfectly solid, good-looking runner.

You can download Manuganu from Google Play for free now.

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