Real Racing 3. Yeh, thought you might have heard of it.

Anyway, Firemonkeys and EA's much-anticipated sequel to the Platinum Award-winning Real Racing 2 has just left the metaphorical pit lane and is heading towards the App Store starting grid.

How do I know this?

Well, I've just spotted reference to Real Racing 3 on the Game Center profile of EA marketing guru Ben Clarke. This can mean only one thing: Real Racing 3 has been accepted by Apple and will be roaring onto an App Store near you soon. Very soon.

Vroom, vroom

Upon closer inspection of Clarke's Game Center profile, I see that Real Racing 3 contains 65 - yes, 65 - achievements, ranging from Speed Demon ("reach 225mph") to Extreme Paintover ("apply 100 paint jobs").

Real Racing 3

The two Game Center achievements that pique my interest the most, though, are Obsessor and Wrenching Experience.

To obtain the former, you see, you have to own 40 cars in Real Racing 3. Which bodes well for fans of car fleets.

To earn the Wrenching Experience achievement, meanwhile, you have to conduct 5,000 repairs. Which should satisfy even the most demanding amateur car mechanics.

I doubt you'll have to wait too long to carry out your own running repairs in Real Racing 3, mind, so keep an eye on Pocket Gamer for news of its official launch.

In the meantime, check out the recently published Real Racing 3 developer diary on the new Time Shifted Multiplayer mode below. It'll be worth your while. Trust me.

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