Until recently, anyone who wanted to jailbreak an Apple device running iOS 6 had to rely on tethered options, like iPhone Dev Team's redsn0w software.

Thanks to the newly available evasi0n iOS 6.x jailbreak, however, anyone can bust his iOS 6 device wide open without needing to plug his iPad, iPod touch, or iPhone in for every power up.

This untethered unlock, which has been in such high demand during the past 24 hours that evasi0n's servers were pushed over capacity, works on Apple devices running both iOS 6.0 and 6.1.

To get evasi0n up and running, you'll need a Windows, Mac, or Linux computer; a USB cable; and, of course, a copy of the relevant version of the evasi0n software (downloaded from the evad3rs home page).

I want to break free

Three things to remember before you download evasi0n, mind:

- Jailbreaking a smartphone (in order to use your phone with applications that are not available from Apple's App Store, and to unlock your iPhone for use with unapproved carriers) isn't illegal in the US. In Europe, though, it's less clear-cut.

- Jailbreaking a tablet IS illegal.

- Jailbreaking an Apple mobile device will void its warranty.

The jailbreak process is generally reversible, but you'll definitely want to back up once, and think twice before taking the plunge.


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