Rovio could be preparing to add some interesting new power-ups to Angry Birds Star Wars, if the recently released Facebook version is anything to go by.

Announced yesterday on Twitter by Rovio's Mighty Eagle Peter Vesterbacka, the Facebook beta of Angry Birds Star Wars brings the forceful franchise mash-up to Zuckerberg's social network.

What has really caught our attention, however, are the new Star Wars-themed power-ups that are available in the beta. These include thermal detonators, blaster droids, and lightsaber slingshots.

Having taken them all for a test flight, we can report that the thermal detonator is probably the most satisfying item to use.

Once your bird has been equipped with this sci-fi explosive, he'll drop it upon contact with a solid structure. A second later, the surrounding area will be reduced to space dust.

If you wanted to add some force to your fling, however, the lightsaber sling dramatically increases the distance and speed of your bird launcher.

Laser lovers, meanwhile, will approve of the blaster droid (as seen when Luke is honing his saber skills on the Falcon), which hovers above your bird's head and from which devastating laser bolts are fired.

It is the future you see

These power-ups are available from the early stages of the first world (Tatooine). You can earn them through play, or purchase them with in-game credits.

Though it's entirely possible that these power-ups will remain exclusive to the Facebook version of Angry Birds Star Wars, this browser-based beta would be the perfect place to test out some new ideas for the mobile incarnation.

We've contacted Rovio to find out what its plans are regarding the Facebook beta's power-ups. We'll update the story once we've received an official response.