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Mole Dash HD

You're a mole. Your furry children have been kidnapped. It's time to pull your finger (claw?) out and get them back.

By tilting your device, you can work your way through 25 underground caverns that are filled to the brim with obstacles, such as rocks and even bombs.

On your journey, you'll collect coins. You can spend these on upgrading the various skills and abilities of all four playable characters.

Mole Dash HD also features a Survival mode. You know the drill. You have to remain alive for as long as you possibly can.

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Bridge The Gap 2 HD

Your aim in this cutesy puzzler is to help loveable pirate Captain Sneer cross perilous caverns by constructing makeshift bridges out of boxes, barrels, and planks.

You do this across five beautiful islands and 55 different levels - all of which feature unlockable hats and costumes.

There are also Game Center trophies to get your mitts on as you play.

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