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DrawRace 2

DrawRace 2 is an award-winning racer that's packed full of content, including a gymkhana skill game and a single-player campaign that features no fewer than 180 challenges.

In this high-speed racer, you navigate your motor around a series of detailed top-down tracks by drawing your vehicle's path with your finger.

The speed at which you trace the racing line on your device's screen dictates the acceleration and deceleration of your car. Don't expect an easy ride, basically.

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Hatchi - A retro virtual pet

Remember those little Tamagotchi toys that were incredibly popular during the noughties? Hatchi - A retro virtual pet is one such toy.

The aim of the game is to take good care of your on-screen critter, who needs to be fed, washed, and much more.

Your pet grows significantly throughout its lifetime, and will develop differently based on your level of care.

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