Airtight Games, the team behind home console first-person physics-puzzler Quantum Conundrum, is making its mobile debut with colour-matching head scratcher Pixld.

Presented with a grid of coloured squares in Pixld, you must tap the screen to flip tiles in the hope of creating matching groups of four or more.

Flip one tile, and the tiles immediately surrounding it also invert. There's also a timer to consider, so you'll want to bust up some power blocks to nab some additional seconds or just increase that high score.

As you can see from the trailer (below), Airtight Games has opted to give Pixld a pleasingly sleek and angular visual style. We're also guessing someone in the team likes the colour blue.

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Interestingly, Pixld is the first game to emerge from Airtight's new portable gaming studio, Airtight Mobile.

Airtight creative director Kim Swift - who also had a hand in creating legendary Valve puzzler Portal - commented on the dangers of diving into the iOS pool.

"Is it risky betting on an emerging platform like iOS? You bet. But I have a feeling Apple just might be onto something here. Buying a video game that you can play on your phone for less than a cup of coffee? That's just crazy!"

It's madness, Kim. Utter. Madness.

You will be able to grab Pixld for iPhone and iPad on Monday October 29th for the introductory price of 69p / 99c.