Puzzlejuice developer Asher Vollmer has been having restless nights and crippling flashbacks, ever since Pocket Gamer's review of his game claimed that "Puzzlejuice just doesn't pose enough of a challenge."

Vollmer said "The Pocket Gamer review of Puzzlejuice has haunted me ever since I released the game. While everyone else in the world complained about the difficulty, your reviews repeated over and over again how easy you think the game is."

"So FOR YOU, Pocket Gamer, I have added a new difficulty mode called Impossible Mode and I promise you it lives up to its name."

We had a quick bash, and he wasn't joking. Not only is it faster than ever, but if you make three letter words you'll get given a nuisance null brick that can only be removed with explosions. It's harrowing.

Along with this new Impossible mode the update also comes with a new power up, new music, Retina art for the new iPad, and more objectives.

If you haven't played it, Puzzlejuice is a unique fusion of match 3, Tetris and Scrabble that has you frantically trying to wrap your brain around a trio of puzzles, simultaneously.

It's currently on sale on the App Store for 69p/99c so check it out. If you think you're up to it, that is.