If you live in the US and you're the proud owner of an Android tablet and an OnLive account, you shouldn't really be reading this. Nope, you should be off righting wrongs as the most famous horseman of the apocalypse in THQ's Darksiders II.

Released on the same day as the console / PC version of the game, Darksiders II for OnLive contains a free 30-minute gameplay demo of the AAA title. And it'll run just as well on your Android tablet as it would on your high-end PC, thanks to the magic that is cloud gaming.

As you're probably already aware, THQ's new action-adventure title focuses on Death. You know, that scythe-wielding Grim Reaper chap. The game itself is apparently four times bigger than its pretty large predecessor, and includes faster gameplay, deeper skill trees, and a more refined loot system.

Totes epic

"We've taken Darksiders to new heights with this epic game, and we're excited to share it with an even broader audience and a broader range of devices through OnLive," Jim Huntley, THQ's VP of global brand management, said.

Interestingly, European OnLive punters can gain access to the game on August 20th, which is the day before the game is scheduled to hit the shops.

So, if you want to try Darksiders II before anyone else, open up an OnLive account on an Android tablet and away you go.