Activision is about to launch another game from its back catalogue of Atari hits onto the App Store tomorrow in the form of Pitfall!(tm).

Only this isn't the Pitfall!(tm) you may (or may not) remember from back in the early '80s.

Rather than retain the traditional 2D side-on view of the original and maybe throw in some better graphics, Activision has decided to turn Pitfall!(tm) into... wait for it... a 3D endless-runner.

Pit stop

In a way, it's a move that makes total sense given the original's emphasis on timed jumps over complicated platforming, but it's still a tiny bit disappointing for this ancient gamer.

You won't just be leaping onto crocodiles and swinging from ropes this time around, by the way. Instead, there are vehicles like motorbikes and a minecart for you to travel on, as well as a levelling system and a variety of locales to dash through.

Pitfall!(tm) will be swinging onto the App Store tomorrow, priced 69p / 99c.