Square Enix must have gotten its calendar mixed up, because the Japanese giant has just released Final Fantasy 1 [download] on Google Play, a month after its second sequel arrived on the platform. Confusing.

If you're an old man like me and are wondering why the graphics look all modern, that's because the Android version of FF isn't a straight port of the original NES game, but is rather a port of the snazzy PSP version.

Or, to be more exact, it's the Android version of the touchscreen iOS version of the remade PSP version of the original NES version of the game. Confusing.

Anyway, you likely know what Final Fantasy is all about, so you probably don't need me to describe its huge world, random battles, and engaging storyline.

What you might like to know is that it is currently priced at £4.44 / $6.99 and can be bought by following this hyperlink [download].


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