AbraWordabra from Total Arkade Software was one of those unexpected gems that you only really seem to find with any frequency on smartphone platforms.

Now, it's received a major update that adds a whole new mode to both the iOS and Android versions.

Whereas in the original four modes you were stacking and rearranging scampering letters to form words, Math mode (as you might expect) sees you stacking numbers to complete sums. These 20 new levels take the total up to 240, making for a pretty meaty proposition.

''It's great to release this major update to AbraWordabra," Total Arkade Software's Tony Takoushi says. "It offers a lot of new levels and a new mode to play, which is sure to stretch players!"

As well as introducing this new Math mode into his smartphone title, Takoushi reveals that "a fun soundtrack for the five page intro comic" has been added.

AbraWordabra is available now on the Apple App Store for 69p / 99c [download], and from Google Play for 63p [download]. If our 8 out of 10 review didn't spell it out sufficiently for you, go and buy it.

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