MTV Networks and Chocolate Liberation Front's recently released atmospheric Android platformer Oscura is fully optimized for the Xperia Play.You'd be hard pressed to find that out for yourself mind, with it not appearing in the Play's launcher, and no mention of button support on the Google Play Store.

The game, which owes a heavy visual debt to Limbo, sees you trecking your way across twelve gorgeous levels in search of the cogs and shards of crystal you need to rebuild a broken lighthouse.

As you'd expect from a platform game, the slide out D-pad makes controlling the title's protagonist, a lithe, beautifully animated imp, a lot smoother, letting you leap from creepy outcrop to spooky branch with ease.

So if you like your platformers dark and mysterious, and you're the proud owner of an Xperia Play, you can pick up Oscura for £1.29 from the Google Play Store right now [download].