Little Things Forever - the sequel to quirky iOS find-'em-up Little Things - has had its price slashed after less than a week on the App Store.

The game involves finding objects nested like puzzle pieces within other objects. You might have to find a dinosaur inside an owl, say, or an octopus inside a dinosaur. Watch the video below to see what we mean.

There are 101 puzzles pieces to find, nine puzzles to solve, and the lists of objects are randomly generated - meaning that, in the words of developer KlickTock, "you can be entertained forever!"

KlickTock also plans to add new puzzles in future updates, though it doesn't say whether it plans to charge for these.

Little Prices Forever?

If you were considering purchasing Little Things Forever, you may be interested to learn that its price has tumbled from £1.99 all the way down to 69p. It's not clear whether this is a permanent or temporary reduction, so if you're not the gambling type, you may want to pick it up now.

Pocket Gamer has a review of Little Things Forever on the way.

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