Mere weeks after opening an Angry Birds theme park in Finland, Rovio has disclosed further plans to open multiple similar parks across the People’s Republic of China.

Kotaku reports that Rovio’s mightiest eagle Peter Vesterbacka is making sure that the company delivers an experience different from traditional theme parks to its fans in China.

These so-called "activity parks" will aim to actively engage fans of the game and bring them into the Angry Birds experience.

Flapping fun

Speaking about the design for the parks to China Daily, Vesterbacka said, "The activity parks are not like theme parks where people stand for two hours and ride for 10 minutes ... We want our fans to be part of the game."

Hopefully, this doesn’t involve them being flung at walls.

Although Rovio has not revealed the size and scope of the activity parks, China Daily reports that they will come in a variety of different sizes and formats and could come to replace traditional neighborhood parks and playgrounds.

Lappset, the design group behind the Finnish activity park, will be leading the project.

What they want

The move to expand the activity parks in China is not an altogether surprising one.

Since the release of Angry Birds, China has become an extremely rich market for Rovio and now ranks as the second-largest market for the company, and it has aggressive plans to open hundreds of shops selling Angry Birds merchandise.

Rovio also opened its first Chinese office in Shanghai in October 2011.