Mario and Zelda creator Shigeru Miyamoto has told Hookshoot Inc that he is a big fan of Angry Birds, going as far to say that he wished he "had been the one to come up with the idea first".

The Nintendo legend said that while there were not many smartphone games that "have been truly convincing", he found Rovio's 700-million-downloaded physics-puzzler "one of those games I immediately appreciated when I first started playing".

"To make [the] interface and controls work that well and intuitively...well, I think a lot of work went into getting that right."

Naturally, the Nintendo man still believed that "if the developer had created the game for Nintendo DS the controls would have been even better".

It shouldn't be too long to find out if that's true - Rovio has already announced that Angry Birds Space will be heading to the 3DS.

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