Steel Media, publisher of Pocket Gamer, has today announced the launch of the iPad section for, a site dedicated to condensing critical opinion from the best sources into one definitive score.

Following on the road trailblazed by the iPhone Quality Index - which is tracking over over 430,000 games / apps, and boasts over 195,000 independent review scores from the world's best websites - the iPad Qi trawls the globe for game / app reviews from the most respected online and print sources of iPad content.

At the time of writing, over 100,000 iPad apps are being tracked on iPad Qi, with more than 40,000 iPad reviews already collated. After it applies a dash of its special secret sauce (via a unique formula), iPad Qi creates a single definitive score for each game / app reviewed in its database.

The resulting 'Qi rating' is subsequently fed back into the site and run through its various feeds and filters to provide the ultimate aid to game (and app) selection.


A game's popularity is no indication of its quality, of course, and with over 140,000 iPad apps on the App Store, it's often difficult to sort the wheat from the chaff. By carefully selecting and combining critical viewpoints and organising them in a logical way, the site aims to provide an indispensable guide to making your purchasing decisions.

As with the iPhone Qi section, you can count on the Quality Index team to keep itself busy by producing iPad-specific weekly round-ups, analysis, and rundowns using data generated by the unique Qi ratings. In addition, each and every month sees an updated Top 10 listing for the finest games and apps, culminating in a round-up for the year.

For all the up-to-date information on which games (as well as apps and even publishers) are reviewing best, head on over to the Quality Index.