From today, you can play Dear Esther and the rest of the current Independent Games Festival (IGF) nominees completely free of charge through the popular cloud gaming service OnLive.

There are a total of 16 games available to play for free until March 11th, including Atom Zombie Smasher, Be Good, Botanicula, Dear Esther, Dustforce, English Country Tune, Frozen Synapse, FTL, Lume, Nitronic Rush, Once Upon a Spacetime, POP, SpaceChem, To the Moon, Toren, and WAY. Phew.

You can play each of the above titles for 30 minutes on any device that runs OnLive, such as an Android-powered smartphone or tablet. You will need a keyboard and mouse, though.

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If you head on over to OnLive's Facebook page, you can 'Like' your favourite Independent Games Festival entry. OnLive will announce which game received the most votes on March 12th.

Finally, previously honoured IGF titles will be available on OnLive at 75 per cent off their normal asking price - each with free playable demos.

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