Every now and then, a video game comes along that defies easy categorisation. You know the sort: reviewers end up labelling it a platformer-cum-puzzler-cum-RPG-cum-football sim for fear of offending the developer.

New iPad title Incoboto, from the mind of Dene Carter, co-creator of the popular Xbox series Fable, is one such pigeonhole avoider.

Centring on a partnership between a small spaceman and a large star in outer space, Incoboto invites you to take control of the former in order to feed the latter with power-ups.

In return, the star appears to be able to disperse the dark beings that block your path.

We'll be able to make more sense of this intriguing little game when it launches on iPad "around March 3rd".

Check out the Incoboto gameplay for yourself in the video below.

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