Incoboto iPhone port not ruled out

'I might have a go', Dene Carter says

Incoboto iPhone port not ruled out
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Pocket Gamer Gold Award-winning iPad title Incoboto could be heading to the iPhone after all, developer Dene Carter has admitted.

"I might have a go at doing an iPhone version at some point," the Fable creator told Pocket Gamer at the Game Developers Conference (GDC) last week.

"Technically I could do it - it's not an issue," he said, but added that he wouldn't port the game for the sake of it.

"If it doesn't work I'm not going to do it," he insisted.

Size matters

Asked why he developed Incoboto exclusively on the iPad, Carter stressed that it was a question of scale. "I wanted to make you feel small, very vulnerable, and helpless in a very big, unfeeling, unfriendly, dead universe."

"It originally started off as an iPhone game," he revealed. "That was fine, but because some of the constructions are quite large, the only way to get around that is to zoom the camera out."

"And once you zoom the camera out a certain amount, manoeuvring a 2x2 pixel character on screen [is a] bit of a challenge," the ex-Lionhead veteran added.

"I wanted to make it feel big," Carter continued. "This is an iPad game because this is a big, far, wide cinematic experience."

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