The rumours (and published press release) are true: the Pocket Gamer ship has a new captain in the shape of Kristan Reed.

Who he?

Shame on you. For over a decade, Kristan has been typing incessantly about games. During that period, he's played the role of editor at both pre-MCV trade paper CTW and then the hugely popular Eurogamer, before bravely venturing off into the 'Land of Freelance'.

Years from now, his reviews count will be the stuff of legend. They will talk of how the workload drove him insane, leaving him able to converse only through the use of guttural clicks based on a ten-point scoring system.

But, they'd be wrong. He's not gone mad: instead, he's demonstrated an unquestionable level of rational thought by joining the PG crew.


As editor-in-chief, he'll overlook the continued evolution of your favourite portable gaming site (no, not them - us!), as we aim to unveil some exciting developments through the course of the year. No peeking: they're all super-secret for now.

"Joining one of the most respected, authoritative teams around is an honour, and it's the kind of challenge that doesn't come around very often," Kristan Reed said, making us blush.

"The creative energy and ambition within the handheld gaming sector makes it an exciting place to be, and I'm looking forward to helping the team to take the Pocket Gamer sites to the next level."

And before we could finish this story, Steel Media MD Chris James waded in with his own comment: "I'm thrilled to welcome someone of Kristan's stature and experience to boost what is an already strong team."

"This latest hire, coupled with that of What Mobile editor Jonathan Morris and the return of ex-Develop editor Owain Bennallack, underlines both our ambition and our commitment to editorial excellence across consumer and b2b sites in the mobile games market. We have a lot more planned for 2012, too, so definitely watch this space!"

Tsk. As if you'd go anywhere else, right?

Anyway, it's all about Kristan today. Make him feel welcome.