Best known for its massively successful teen online community Habbo Hotel, Finnish company Sulake is now quietly branching out into mobile games.

Last year, it released Lost Monkey, a collection of mini-games on iPhone that once completed unlocked a pet monkey in Habbo.

It's going to be released for Android, and Sulake is also looking to expand the interaction between its standalone mobile content and Habbo with Niko.

Pinging around

Developed by Swedish outfit Fabrication, it's a trajectory platformer, in which you control the monkey-like Niko using right and left touch buttons to move.

Your other control method is to fire Niko using an Angry Birds'-style pull-back-and-release sling shot mechanic.

In this way, you make your way through the dynamic levels, pinging off bumpers, sticking to walls and riding moving platforms - collecting gold bells and rescuing your friends from the mysterious Otherworld along the way.

The Habbo tie-ins haven't be officially announced yet, but Sulake says the game will give members "extra benefits and value, while bringing them back to the online community to share their experiences".

Due for release for iPhone and iPad on Thursday 19th January, the first six levels of Niko will be free-to-play. 28 further levels can be unlocked as an in-app purchase for $1.99, €1.59 or £1.49.

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