Welcome to 2012's first instalment of Pocket Gamer's free game round-up - a feature that highlights the top App Store titles that have been made free in the past 24 hours.

As we've stated many times before, prices in the App Store change frequently. Grab these freebies before you miss out on a top bargain.

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CheeseMan (iPhone)

Your aim in the Pocket Gamer Silver Award-winning dairy-based platformer CheeseMan is to safely navigate the game's cheesy protagonist to the end of 42 hazard-packed levels.

Each stage of this rock-hard title is packed with dangerous spikes, deadly saws, devastating cannonballs, and a whole range of other nasty traps.

Download CheeseMan

Icebreaker Hockey (iPhone)

If you have the urge to pull on some skates, jump on the ice, score a wonderful-looking goal, and perform bone-crunching tackles without loosing your teeth, Silver Award-nabbing Icebreaker Hockey is for you.

Apple's Game Center is on board with a range of different achievements and leaderboards, so there's plenty to do if you possess a competitive streak.

Download Icebreaker Hockey

Carnivores: Ice Age (Universal)

The Bronze Award-winning Carnivores: Ice Age sees you traipse across five unique environments on the hunt for various beasts, such as the Saber-tooth Tiger and the rare Woolly Rhinoceros.

Naturally, you have a range of weapons and equipment at your disposal, and an interactive trophy room that displays your biggest and best kills.

Download Carnivores: Ice Age