Yesterday, Sega answered a thousand fanboy prayers by releasing its much anticipated Android port of Sonic CD.

Though the game itself received largely positive feedback, there were serious issues pertaining to the download process, with many people unable to download the game at all.

While the installer seemed to arrive without a hitch, receiving 270MB of game data proved considerably more difficult.

There were many reports of the download hanging at zero or one per cent, then timing out or cancelling, leaving Sonic fans spinning on the spot in frustration.

Hedgehog blues

The problem was so widespread that Sega responded to the growing number of customer complaints via the Android Market, saying: "We have now increased our server bandwidth tenfold to accommodate download traffic and the issue should now be resolved."

While this fix appears to have improved the situation, comments on the Android Market suggest that the problem has not vanished, with punters - including our own deputy editor Will Wilson - experiencing the same data-hanging issues this afternoon.

It's a testament to the enduring popularity of Sega's spiky blue mascot that, despite numerous legacy-defiling sequels, he can still crash servers to this day.

Are you unable to coax Sonic CD onto your Android handset? Or have you been playing for the past 24 hours straight? Let us know in the comments below.

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