Android developer HyperDevBox has just released a port of NIS America's turn-based PSP strategy game Generation of Chaos onto the Android Market, and optimised it for the Xperia Play.

Generation of Chaos merges elements of the RTS and RPG gaming genres: on the one hand, you're building, governing, and defending your kingdom, whilst on the other, you're following a complex plot and levelling-up where possible.

HyperDevBox is billing the game - set in a fantasy world known as the Lost Grounds - as the "first massive strategy-RPG" for Android and Xperia Play, and with over 100 hours of gameplay, 150 unique characters, and ten different campaigns, this may be no idle boast.

The sheer size of Generation of Chaos (1.8GB) comes at a cost, however, for you'll need both a high-end Android blower to enjoy the best gaming experience and a spare £9.12 [buy].

You can check out the video for Generation of Chaos below.

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