According to a post on the Sega Blog, players of the forthcoming Sonic CD port for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone can look forward to playing as Sonic mainstay Miles 'Tails' Prower on their second play through the game.

Sonic CD, which was developed in tandem with Sonic 2 by a team in Japan, is notable for its cartoon-esque cut-scenes. It earned favourable reviews when it was released in 1993, but it's always been a lesser-known entry in the series thanks largely to the fact that it came out on the ill-fated Mega-CD.

The same Sega post reveals that Sonic CD is already available to GameStop customers willing to fork out for select tablets, including Samsung Galaxy, Acer 100, and ASUS Transformer. Sonic CD will also feature support for a special Bluetooth controller that GameStop is producing especially for tablet gaming.

If you're not ready to spend hundreds of pounds on a GameStop tablet, you’ll need to wait for the official Sonic CD release some time next month.

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