Indie developer Mode 7 has confirmed that its turn-based tactical deathmatch game Frozen Synapse is coming to the iPad.

Frozen Synapse received critical acclaim upon its release on PC earlier this year, primarily thanks to its abstract visuals and its blend of strategic depth and unpredictability.

Taking control of a small fireteam, you issue commands to each squad member and then watch as these orders play out in the few seconds allocated for each turn.

The twist here is that your opponent (be it AI or human) takes its turn simultaneously, and once you’ve both issued your instructions, the fireteams act them out at the same time.

Upper hand

It makes for a tense experience, as you’re constantly trying to pre-empt your opponent’s movements in order to gain the tactical advantage.

With a top-down perspective and a graphical style that’s suggestive of an architectural blueprint, the game’s mix of chin-stroking strategy and explosive action seems a perfect fit for the iPad platform.

Frozen Synapse is about to enter beta test phase, with an announcement on price and release date from Mode 7 expected in the new year.

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