So while our leader is sunning himself in sunny Cambridge, the Pocket Gamer podcast gains some northern grit - and background noise - in the back of a Manchester pub.

Podcast regulars Jon and Keith are joined by Pocket Gamer's 3DS - and all round grumpy, if loud laughing indie games - journo Michael - Mike - Rose, who hasn't shaved for three weeks. Can you hear that beard?

In other fashion news, Keith has had a hair cut and Jon's wearing a waistcoat...

Games? Oh, yes. Them too.

We talk about Forever Drive, Vlambeer's various indie games, Jetpack Joystick, DrawRace 2, Spy Mouse (again) and more of the week's new releases, the week's hot news and why the 3DS is a bit crap.

It's just what we do when we do the Man-pod-chester.

//Note: we seem to be having some technical issues with the podcast, so we've removed the links while we look into it