Shortly after details emerged of the Japanese launch lineup for the 3DS’s forthcoming eShop, Nintendo of Europe has revealed its plans for the EU version – and there are a few noticeable differences.

Most significant is the launch of Pokedex 3D, a free app which allows players to collect fifth-generation Pokemon (i.e. those from Pokemon Black/White) via SpotPass downloads, StreetPass communications, and QR codes, with each creature viewable in 3D along with their vital statistics.

Users will also be able to use the console’s Augmented Reality functionality to take photos of their favourite Pokemon in real-world settings.

The Virtual Console lineup has a few fresh faces, too - joining Super Mario Land (also available in Japan) are Game Boy favourites Alleyway and Tennis.
UPDATE: Nintendo of America is now reporting that, rather than Tennis, it will now be Game Boy classic Radar Mission that will appear on the Virtual Console. As in other territories, NES classic Excitebike has been remastered in 3D and will be available to download for free for anyone who performs the necessary system update to add the eShop. The offer is available until July 7th.

Also available is a free internet browser which can display 3D images on websites capable of hosting 3D images. However, as we reported earlier, the browser will not support Flash or HTML5, so those hoping to watch videos of cats playing the piano or babies talking to each other on YouTube will be left disappointed.

The update will finally allow those who own DSi or DSi XL consoles to transfer over, “most of their previously purchased Nintendo DSiWare games”. Which titles this feature excludes is as yet unclear.

Finally, the update will enable players to download SpotPass content from certain public wi-fi hotspots, with Nintendo promising that specially selected video content will be available as part of another free downloadable application “in the near future”. The content will apparently include 3D film trailers, comedy clips, and music videos.

The above list of titles is not exhaustive, as Nintendo has not confirmed a full lineup for the eShop launch. We’ll bring the complete list to you as soon as it becomes available.