Armor Games’s splendid Siege Hero – described as ‘first-person Angry Birds’ by this very site in our Silver Award review – has received a substantial update, just two weeks after its release.

The physics-based puzzler will benefit from some welcome reinforcements, with several levels having their difficulty balanced. A few small bugs have also been exterminated.

Two new levels have been added to the Treasure Map mode, while users can now examine their in-game statistics from the options page.

Meanwhile, scores from the Treasure Map now contribute to the overall Fortress Age score, which has resulted in the developer introducing a Total Score leaderboard so that you demolition experts out there can calculate your destructive capabilities more easily.

Siege Hero is currently available at a special introductory price, reduced by 40 per cent for launch. Presently it costs just 59p/99c on iPhone, while Siege Hero HD will set you back a mere £1.79/$2.99 on iPad (buy it).