It’s Tracy’s last week, so he’s joined by special guest stars Keith Andrew and Rob Hearn. Unfortunately, Will’s still here.

In the news this week we take a look at the Smuggle/Snuggle truck debacle, talk about Order & Chaos’s subscription model, and talk very briefly about the new Chaos Rings game.

There’s even a Royal Wedding mention.

The Rumour Miner is on a roll this week, with some exciting bits of info about LucasArts using the Unreal Engine for a Star Wars iOS game, a Marble Madness remake, and - big one this - Mirror’s Edge 2 is currently in development (for iPad, not home consoles).

We’ve been playing a mixture of old and very new this week, with the former coming in the form of World of Goo, and the latter resembling Unpleasant Horse and Back to the Future Episode 2.

So raise a glass, erect some bunting, and join us as we salute Tracy and wish him all the best for the future.