Episodic game Pocket God: Journey to Uranus has been updated with a third episode titled 'Mercury Rising'.

Included in the update is the planet Mercury, which is home to pygmies who are the victims of a civilization obsessed with all things fast, a Mercury idol that generates time acceleration bubbles.

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A new mini-game has also been added and can be activated by tilting your iPad into portrait mode, dropping your Pygmy into the 'Hoverjump!' mission.

In this Bump and Jump-esque game you have to navigate dangerous highways in a hover car, jumping gaps and aggressive Mercurian drivers.

Pocket God for iPhone has also recently been updated to episode 38, adding a new Charlie Sheen inspired character, and a new 'Pimp Pack' available through in-app purchase for 59p/99c.

Pocket God: Journey to Uranus can be picked up from the App Store for £2.99/$4.99. Its smaller brother is 59p/99c.