The Windows Phone 7 Marketplace is, proportionally, the fastest growing app store at the moment.

According to the latest report from industry statisticians Distimo, January saw the number of apps available on WP7 rise by 30 per cent.

This puts the Windows OS in the lead, ahead of an 18 per cent rise on Android and a 29 per cent rise on Apple's App Store.

Despite a relatively poor reception by the press, it seems that Windows Phone 7 Marketplace has won over publishers with its clear prioritisation of gaming. 60 per cent of the top games publishers now back the platform.

Indeed, it's the only app store that can boast a top ten paid apps list made up exclusively of games.

Of course, the size of WP7's Marketplace still pales in comparison to the App Store's expansive coverage. Nevertheless, these statistics are good news to anyone with an interest in the platform's future.

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