The Pandora handheld is available to buy once again – just as a whole new titanic struggle starts to brew in handheld console-land.

In one corner we have the powerful Sony NGP, all cutting-edge technology, multiple control inputs and console-standard graphics.

In the other we have the Nintendo 3DS, which lacks the pure grunt of its rival, but has plenty of unorthodox tricks up its sleeve, not to mention an unrivalled fan base to cheer it on.

Somewhere in the middle, almost drowned out by the glitz and glamour, is the Pandora. Haven’t heard of it before? That’s because it’s a relatively small open-source console project that was conceived way back in 2007.

After a long and slow gestation, Pandora finally saw the light of day in time for us to get our exclusive review out in July of last year. We liked it. We gave it a Silver Award, and recommended it to “those of you that value freedom and diversity in your mobile tech”.

It’s pretty much the finest handheld device available for playing all those old console emulators on. The only trouble has been getting hold of the thing.

Now the Pandora is available for ordering once again. For your $499.99 / £309.99 / €364.99 you’ll receive an ARM Cortex A8-powered device (plus PowerVR SGX GPU) with twin analogue sticks, D-pad and buttons, full QWERTY keyboard and a 4.3-inch touchscreen. Plus a bunch of SD card and USB slots.

You’ll need to pay in advance, but you can expect your Pandora to be shipped seven days after ordering. Head over here to find out more and place your order.