Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1: The Mobile Game has made its way across the film tie-in divide and is now available on Java games mobile portals.

EA Mobile spoke to Pocket Gamer earlier about what to expect from this latest entry to the Harry Potter franchise, and the third mobile game in the series.

Unlike the previous two entries, there’s very much a focus on combat this time around. With the safety of Hogwarts removed from the equation, Harry, Hermione, and Ron spend the game on the run from Voldemort’s forces.

Extra care has been put into capturing the look and feel of the movies, from the seven locations that range from the Ministry of Magic to the Order’s secret hideout, and in the 20 spells themselves.

Muggles will no doubt be pleased by the inclusion of the Patronus spell in this edition, complete with the wisp-like creatures that fly out of the wand when cast. Other spells from the previous edition - like Reparo, for putting things back together again - make a welcome appearance.

EA Mobile is claiming that this latest title is ‘the complete Harry Potter experience’ – even the character conversations performed between missions have been double-checked with Warner to be as faithful to the film as possible.

We’ll be finding out if that’s indeed the case when we cast the dreaded Pocketgamus Reviewo spell on the game later this week.