Fishlabs’s epic iPhone space shooter Galaxy on Fire has gone free for one day, in collaboration with FreeAppADay and to get portable players hyped for the game’s upcoming sequel.

Galaxy on Fire is a 3D intergalactic space shooter, which has you blasting fools and selling their frazzled, laser-blasted ships as loot in an expansive trading system.

There are also hundreds of planets and space stations to whizz past in the game’s gigantic universe, and ten unique spaceships to choose from. They can be kitted out with weapons, shields, sweet drives, and other knick-knacks.

The game packs a long storyline with heaps of dialogue and 3D cut-scenes, giving you a good 20 hours of gameplay. Plus, once the story is over you can try for high scores in the arcade-style Survival mode.

It’s one of the bigger, more critically acclaimed titles to drop its price tag, so head to iTunes before the sale ends. Galaxy on Fire is available now on iPhone and iPod touch, for nada.

Galaxy on Fire 2, which is filled to bursting with massive amounts of new content and features, is planned for release on iPad, iPhone and iPod touch next month.

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