PopCap’s casual tower defense classic Plants vs Zombies has the Nintendo DS in its sights for January 2011. Outed by Radiant PR co-founder Laurie Thornton via the magic of Twitter, PopCap has now issued a formal press release on the subject.

Plants vs Zombies has you fending off the undead by planting offensive and defensive units, characterised as smiling little flowers. It’s global domination has seen it hit PC, Xbox Live, iPhone, and iPad.

Now it’s coming to DS with all the content from the original game. That means Adventure, Survival, and Puzzle modes, as well as mini-games and even some content exclusive to the DS.

Right now, the game is only confirmed for a North American release, with GameStop taking pre-orders at $19.95. PopCap doesn’t have word on the game’s European hopes yet. Peggle DS, for example, never reached our shores, so don’t hold your breath for a UK release.

The screenshots above are for the iPhone version.