Update: This sale is currently only available in America. We've contacted EA for comment

Okay, we lied. We know, the World Cup is totally kicking off this weekend. Some on the Pocket Gamer team are more excited about it than others (*cough* Richard *cough*), but we can all get behind a bit of pocket money portable gaming.

To celebrate the dramatic battle of England vs Somebody Else tomorrow, Electronic Arts has slashed the price of its World Cup iPhone game to a tiny 99c. You get 105 International Teams, the Captain Your Country Mode, and ten stadia for less cash than a Crunchie.

We didn't think it was the perfect footy sim, giving it a nice Bronze Medal in our review, but seeing as its the only game with official World Cup branding and all the correct player names, surely it's worth a boot for less than a buck?

2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa is available now for iPhone and iPod touch for 99c. It'll return to its usual price on Monday morning - the same time as your hangover, no doubt.