By and large, iPhone game developers have been keen to embrace the iPad. Although PopCap has indicated that it intends to be relatively circumspect, publishing games only after it's confident that it knows the platform, it's a safe bet that the iPad games already announced will be joined by plenty of others.

And there will be a Namco game or two among them. Speaking with Gamezebo, Namco's Jon Kromrey has revealed that Namco not only plans to support the iPad heavily, but that it will have an optimised game ready for the iPad's launch.

“We are already updating our apps to take advantage of the new device's gorgeous display, powerful chipset, and updated Wi-Fi support,” adding further down the page, “We have plans to release an iPad-compatible game in March.”

This isn't necessarily surprising. Namco has long embraced Apple's handheld, releasing key titles like I Love Katamari and Pac-Man Championship Edition on iPod touch and iPhone, along with some original IPs like Garters and Ghouls.

This week we learned from a source at Namco that Tekken is coming to iPhone, though it wouldn't be on display at GDC. Could this be the mystery launch title?