The next generation of PSP has been rumoured approximately a billion times - most recently because it’s expected in 2010, and before that because it's expected to have a UMD drive - but this latest revelation is more concrete than most. Either that, or somebody has made a massive balls up.

On page 17 of the digital edition of games industry mag MCV, there’s a full page advert for Accessories for Technology’s licensed PSP accessories, and at the bottom of it there’s a list of compatible devices.

PSP-1000 - okay, thanks for that. PSP-2000 - good to know, thanks. PSP-3000 - up to the minute, lovely. PSP-4000 - whaaAAAAH?!

So far, the ad hasn’t been amended. Given that the story broke a day ago, this is potentially a telling sign. Either that, or nobody may have done anything about it because it’s the weekend.

We haven’t contacted Sony for comment, but if we did here’s what they’d say: “We don’t comment on rumour and speculation.”

Editor's note: the source for this story - The Lost Gamer - was originally accidentally omitted from the story. Apologies to the author.

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