It's been a tough week for the code jockeys over at Revolution Software, which recently relaunched the classic graphical adventure game Beneath a Steel Sky: Remastered on iPhone to great critical fanfare.

So while the team knocks back a few cold ones to relax, they've decided to drop the price of the outlandish, outback adventure to 59p to celebrate Foster Friday (the main character, Robert Foster, being named after the popular Australian breakfast lager Fosters).

"Tempered by minor control quirks, Beneath a Steel Sky remains as entertaining as it did 15 years ago, galvanising the adventure gaming resurgence on iPhone," Tracy said in his full Beneath a Steel Sky: Remastered review.

The game wasn't especially pricey before at £2.99, considering you're getting a pretty expansive adventure game, but if you're quick you can take a retro trip to the future for next to 'nowt.

Hit 'Buy It!', and make a saving.