Beneath A Steel Sky 2 on the drawing board

Creators Charles Cecil and Dave Gibbons won't discount possibility of a sequel

Beneath A Steel Sky 2 on the drawing board

In a one-to-two interview with creative pairing Charles Cecil and Dave Gibbons, following the launch event for Beneath A Steel Sky Remastered on iPhone, the duo opened up about their next tantalising projects.

Although the digital ink has not even had time to dry on Beneath A Steel Sky Remastered (launching on the App Store this Friday), the pair are already turning their attention to the next challenge and freely admit that a sequel could be likely and that iPhone would be the ideal platform.

Whilst Cecil had earlier hinted at a sequel during a public Q&A session, following a glass or two of wine he was even more open on the subject. "Well the drawing board is full of ideas right now, some of those include Beneath A Steal Sky 2 and some don't. There's certainly more that could be done with those characters."

Co-conspirator Dave Gibbons, did little to extinguish the flames either adding. "BASS has by no means ended."

Dave also waxed lyrical about the general potential opened up by iPhone. "Once you start to think of possibilities with iPhone and other modern digital platforms, the little bells go off!" He also went on to outline his ambitions in the genre, "I'd love to be looking back in 20 years and be able to say we created one of the definitive iPhone games. Mind you, saying that I'd just love to be able to look back in 20 years!"

That said, Gibbons's attention won't solely be focused on iPhone or gaming in the months ahead, as his talented hands will soon be full with a new comic project.

"I've had enough time resting on my laurels now, although fortunately they're quite good laurels! I'm now looking forward to a new comic series that I'm working on with Mark Millar, a very talented man who created the Wanted and Kick-Ass comics that were recently made into films. I really can't tell you what it is exactly yet, but I can tell you it will be launching in the middle of next year."

Chris James
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