This morning I've been chatting with Pocket Gamer's good friend Manomio, which you'll undoubtedly remember released the excellent C64 emulator for iPhone.

The developer had a lot of difficulties getting the emulator released in the first place, but eventually managed to convince Apple to take another look at its policy regarding the execution of external code from within applications (running game ROMs in the emu, to you and me).

Alas, C64 only made it onto the App Store - to rapturous applause, I might add - for two days before it was pulled due to an oversight with the inclusion of Commodore BASIC.

It's been a long and winding road for Manomio, but all you old retro gamers out there in iPhone land will be delighted to hear that C64 is once again in submission and will hopefully be with us very soon.

The developer was required to dismantle the part of C64 that included Commodore BASIC (no small feat presumably, given that this is an integral part of the emulator) and add some security around the use of third-party games.

Things have jumped ahead with the iPhone during C64's absence, however, and Manomio has taken the opportunity to revise its game purchase model, switching to in-app purchases while implementing 'themed' pages for games and publishers.

So the difficulties faced by C64 could actually lead to a better looking and more accessible emulator. We'll let you know as soon as C64 once again hits the App Store, and keep you apprised of some very exciting developments brewing at Manomio.

In the meantime, check out our exclusive hands on preview of C64 emulator on iPhone.

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